At the battle of Altair IV, Robot Ramps were heavily used as mobile one-man-command centers, coordinating battles on a safe distance from the action. Even though these giant chess pieces never were meant to meet each other in the battle field, it occasionally happened that they did. In these titan-like clashes there was always a close call between victory and defeat, where the victor often had to leave his burning wreckage behind and walk back to base!

One of the most famous and decisive of these one-on-one encounters was between the commander of the Southern Brigade, Admiral Vier, and the leader of the Liberation Front, Electee Trewas. Trewas had, during the day, seen his army decimated by Vier's skilled tactics and come to the conclusion that the only way to maybe turn the battle around, was to knock out the opposing forces coordination possibilities – namely Vier's command center.

Trewas gave his army the order to stand ground and shut off all radio and position revealing equipment. He then painfully slow started to flank the battle in order to get close to Vier for a sure kill. Vier – a seasoned Robot Ramp Combatant, this was his second encounter! – had at the last moment discovered movement in the corner of his eye and met Trewas on equal terms. A drawn out, but none the less intensive, duel ensued. Missile after missile was launched and hit and missed as the rising towers moved toward each other. In the end the machines, now out of arms, smashed into each other again and again – hoping for the other tower to tip over.

Suddenly Vier's Robot Ramp lost it's hovering capabiity and fell hard to the ground. First it seemed like it would stand as it was, Trewas could see Vier desperately trying to get his machine hovering again. But when the giant obelisk started to fall, Vier looked up to meet the gaze of his nemesis. Trewas looked for fear in his adversaries face, but felt woe as he only could see a captain who had decided to go down with his ship. And he watched Vier's descent until a series of explosions from the broken body’s inner workings rocked both Robot Ramps heavily and knocked Trewas unconscious.

Trewas woke up as he was carried out of his twisted, but still standing, wreckage. He had been found by a scout party from his own army.

It turned out that Trewas had been right all along, as Vier's army proved to be quantity instead of quality when Vier had to concentrate on saving his own life instead of controlling his army. It had met total defeat against Trewas more experienced, altough outnumbered, Liberation Front.

In Robot Ramp, this battle is recreated, but now the outcome is uncertain as you and a friend (or adversary?!) take the opposing roles of Admiral Vier and Electee Trewas' respective Robot Ramp in a duel to the bitter end...






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